Debilitated venus in female horoscope

Below are the list of few general remedies which will help one to give boost to Venus and have blessings from Venus if following these for 6 months. Do not Insult Butcher class.

The Dark Side of Venus – I

Never take advantage of nudist and prostitutes, dont use bad words about them. Do not insult women, always give respect to your Wife. Never criticize Actors,artists, models,non vegetarians, they are the core Venesian people. We see this often in male homosexual charts as they want something different from their relationships and their concept of the women in their life is different.

Venus rules Apas, the water element. Water deals with emotions, taste, happiness and peace.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Retrograde Venus can create problems with all these. The Swadhisthana chakra is also blocked. Or they may not like work at all. As Saturn is the karaka of misery, it is important that one must not give into a negative attitude to life and embrace depression as a habit. Saturn is usually depicted as the poor man. The poor are usually hungry - for food, for material goods, for good things in life. Saturn retrogression can make individuals hungry with desire, wanting more and more even when the hunger has been appeased and they may be materially very well off.

They need to watch for greed. Saturn rules Vayu ement. Vayu is air and Vayu needs to be used constructively otherwise it can become unnecessarily destructive. Retrogrades do not know how to use their energy so if they do not take care, Saturn can become destructive force for them. Anahata chakra teaches dispassion and detachment. When this chakra is blocked by retrogression then they can find it difficult to detach. Even if you do not have natal planets in retrograde, you can experience them during their retrograde transit.

They can temporarily block the elements and create problems in the subconscious if we are not aware of them. The two most difficult retrogrades are Mercury and Saturn.

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Mercury as it happens so often and Saturn as it can transit over one point of the chart again and again; and create lots of problems. It is important to know retrogression of planets in a given year. The retrograde motion of your dasha ruler can change the direction of events.

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Retrogrades indicate a concentration of energy in the part of the zodiac where they are active. If you have planets in that area then they will have major impact. Retrogrades make life appear to be stuck in limbo, neither moving forward or backward. Saturn and Jupiter retrograde once a year and Mars and Venus one every two years.

Mercury retrogrades at least three times a year. Pick a Consultation. Sign Up Now. More Info. View Recordings. Saturn retrogrades for days and remains stationary 5 day before and after. Jupiter retrogrades days is stationary 5 days before and after. Mars retrogrades for 80 days and is stationary 3 to 4 days before and after. Venus is retrograde for 42 days and is stationary approximately two days before and after. Mercury retrogrades for 24 days and is stationary one day before and after. They are: Retrograde Planets in Transit While analysing the transit effect of the retrograde planets remember the following: Always be aware of Mercury retrograde.

Vakri Grahas - Retrograde Planets

They are stress points in the year. Mercury retrograde creates communication problems and makes life uncomfortable. Stress, arguments, delayed journeys - all can make life troublesome during the Mercury retrograde. So do problems with computers, Internet, and other technologies.

Double check all appointments, travel programme and journeys- remember not to stop your life. Decisions made during Mercury retrograde can be changed after it goes direct. Stress levels can climb sky high.

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Arguments can result from crossed wires. Mercury retrogrades at least 3 times a year so its awareness has a huge say in the quality of your life. Gemini and Virgo need to be doubly conscious, it will make their life a lot easier. When planets retrograde over the gandanta points. It will again retrograde back on the Gandanta degrees from 25 December to 22 January and the last time for 9 July to 22 July This shows Saturn in a very unstable situation. From October to January it will bring instability in the world. We need to watch this time for an unstable property market, political upheaval and major changes in the world order.

If natal planets are placed in those degrees, there can be added pressures on them. The stationary points of Saturn- before and after retrogression. Does it effect any of your planets? If a natal planet is on the same degree as Saturn stations, then you can expect that to be a major issue to contend with. This becomes even more important during difficult Saturn transits like Sade Sati, which is itself a troublesome transit.

Saturn stationing over the exact degree of the Moon will bring untold mental stress. The house rulership and placement of the Moon will show where the problem is about. Also Saturn can transit over the same point three times, which concentrates the energy of its difficult influence. Being aspected by or conjoined with malefic planets, Venus indicates that life of wife is under threat. The following combinations are also not good for the wife of the native.

Not fit for marriage

When Venus is in conjunction with a malefic planet in 5th, 7th and 10th house, when Mars and Saturn are aspecting Venus or it is in their house; then it is likely that the person will be intimately close with other peoples wives. Also, when Venus and Moon are posited opposite to Mars and Saturn, then the native is likely to be without a wife. Venus shows married life of a person. Seeing the relationship between Mars and Venus, one can easily judge a persons married life.

Mars indicate men and rule energy whereas Venus indicate women and rule beauty. The conjunction Venus and Lord of the 7th house shows the passionate edgy behavior of native. If Venus is the Lord of the 7th, and debilitated, combust or conjoined with a malefic or debilitated planet and is in the malefic D chart, the native will have emotionless and reckless wife. If Venus is the Lord of the 7th house and is strong in a benefic Navamsa or in a friend's or exaltated Navamsa, conjoined with a benefice in his own house and benefic D chart, the native's wife is very talkative and warm hearted.

Different factors change the effect of Venus on the native. For example, when Venus is aspected or conjoined with Jupiter, it gives the native good looking, moral and well behaved wife. Being aspected by a malefic planet, Venus makes natives wife short tempered and immoral. If there is a good conjunction of Venus-Saturn in a horoscope, then it makes one truthful, strong-minded, and confident. For men, Venus-Saturn conjunction makes native wealthy.

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