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What's Your Sign? Read Your Daily Horoscope Today. Aries Mar 21 - Apr Taurus Apr 21 - May Gemini May 21 - Jun Cancer Jun 21 - Jul Leo Jul 23 - Aug You should also take better care of relationships with people who have power over you, so that you can ask for their help, if need be. The second half of the month favors your finances and your love life, which will develop in a positive and exciting way.

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Your life conditions will be great, you will communicate with the people around you and successfully promote your ideas. You will be popular and sociable and the support of people around you will help you with your actions and choices and will secure your future. Around the end of the month, an issue that concerns you will not go as planned, but if you handle it in a smart way, everything will be alright.

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Your love life will prosper, much to your delight. Your libido will be high and will give you and your partner moments of passion. Some small issues might occur around the middle of the month, but if the foundations of your relationship are solid, everything will be fine. This is an important day to set boundaries and have humility about your own limitations.

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People have short tempers at this time, so don't push any arguments. The new moon in Scorpio marks the beginning of a new cycle on October 27 and you're likely exhausted.

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Give yourself time to rest during this emotionally and psychically transformative period. You've pushed as hard as you can, and now it's time to rest.

Surprises concerning finances arrive on October 28 as the sun opposes unruly Uranus, and you might also find yourself eager to cut ties with a situation that's been weighing you down, financially or otherwise. Mercury and Venus meet on October 30, bringing you juicy information.

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  7. But remember that much of what you hear, discuss, and plan for this month will be reworked in November due to Mercury retrograde beginning on October Mercury retrograde brings misunderstandings and delays, so avoid signing contracts and traveling, or making big purchases and permanent decisions. This is a tricky Mercury retrograde for money, so triple check your payments!

    Do expect to run into people from your past—this Mercury retrograde is in Scorpio, so the secrets that surface during this time will be crucial information you may have previously missed.

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    Good luck this month, Aries, and see you in November! Astro Guide. Oct 1 , pm.