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He admitted that chemistry with the musicians was an issue and that he missed his former bandmates. No big hits came from this album, despite some more pop-oriented songs. A third Music Machine album was recorded but never released. After the recording of this unreleased album in , The Music Machine officially disbanded.

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Bonniwell recorded one more solo album, but it was unsuccessful, and he ultimately took a long hiatus from music. In , Bonniwell wrote and published a memoir called Talk Talk, which was later revised and re-titled Beyond The Garage. He died of lung cancer in December Tune in, we're now playing Yes - Clear Days on Psychedelicized. The Bonniwell Music Machine. Listen We broadcast using Shoutcast Use player of your choice. We used to segue it that way on the road.

Then, at the end of the tune, the bass drum part kicks through the ending. That was the marvellous thing about Paul Buff.

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What a wonderful collaborator. It was a magic era. When we finished a recording, if it sounded great, I always got a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.

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If it was difficult in the studio, I just hated it from beginning to end. I had heard it at a house party somewhere, and then I heard Love play it at a club inHollywood. And mysterious too, because no-one ever seemed to know where the song had come from. That startled me.

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The trick was to make things pop out but not lose the vocal. All people have layers and nuances within their psychological structure. The face we show the world is not the one we wear inside. The audiences really picked up on that too. The performance had to be tightly wound, it had to be constantly moving and going some place. David Gates produced a copy of it that was just me and bunch of session players.

astrologically incompatible

We started doing it inChicago, when Mark and I got frostbite from driving a van without a heater. We were up and rehearsing two hours later, with black fingers. The sound was pure and raw, just [because] it was live. The form of the tune was even, and it made sense. That was unheard of for those days, and of course a no-no on any kind of commercial release. The verses are universal, the choruses strictly introspective. This took a while to teach the band. In keeping with the tenor of the locale, the group utilised the bluesier textures of piano and Hammond B-3, and also swapped instruments.

It was on the second floor of a warehouse building, with wood panelling inside, like studios from the 20s and 30s, and I remember a very slight woman with short blonde hair and glasses engineering. Listen to how Ron can suspend the space without losing time — hear how it hangs in the pocket? You spend what little money you have on cigarettes, and the only thing you can afford to drink is water. The piano was me, and Doug was on bass, I think he overdubbed the organ later. Either way, that was a favourite of mine, I liked that. All we had for lighting was a great big giant bulb strung down on a wire.

I had some experience getting sounds, and I did understand what was beneath the console as well as what was on top of the console. So I kinda just took charge, because that was what I had always wanted to do anyway. I think we probably cut it all on four track, and then either made dubs or had the tapes sent back to LA. Incidentally, all the versions of this material included here are the original mono mixes as prepared by Brian Ross at the time.

It was one of our most sonically compelling works and a lot to listen to, for the time. The song is delivered and arranged almost instantaneously, and I think that my vocal delivery has a lot to do with it. I also played the duck call, it just magically appeared - someone had left it in the studio. The guitar strikes a third above that guitar note.

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One of the hottest things we ever did. The first opportunity I had to use the harpsichord in the studio, I just loved it, because it was so percussive and so rhythmic. Sean just picked up on it, and it seemed to lend itself well to that baroque style. But lyrics came to me quickly back then. I did sing some backup parts live, but Keith and Doug did most of the background vocals.

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All three of us did vocals in the studio.