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You must now strike while the iron is hot and when you are so enthused. You have real momentum building behind you so all you have to do is take the first step and it will snowball after that…. Each opportunity will appear exciting and wonderful. Each will be hard to resist but it will not be possible to take them all on board. Otherwise similar to the effect if rising.

To attract confrontation and challenges, to be engaged in behind the scenes power games. Narrow views are aired. The Sun here illuminates the many folk with criminal tendencies that surface in this decan. Of course there is the potential of great heroic deeds with this position, but usually only if this person ends up biting the corrupt hand that feeds them.

The bravest folk here will be whistle-blowers or secret assassins who rid the world of really nasty characters. In this case, taking out one person who causes misery to many might be an honorable act. Sometimes one has to take a life to ensure the lives of many. Poisoning is their preferred method of conquest with drugs and drink sometimes being used to weaken the defenses of their victim or opponent.

The Sun in this decan makes these natives bold and swift in their actions. Once they have a goal they are ruthless in their pursuit and very decisive once they get there.

When they have no mission in life, no dreams to chase and no special beloved to seduce they can get very depressed and self-destructive. If they cultivate empathy then they can be a very positive force for good in the world, especially in slaying dragons. Their talent is great focus and powers of concentration, with this they can achieve excellence in any field they choose. We grow, we learn every month and every year. Therefore, our inner planets changed slowly, as our inner transformers.

They match the Tarot cards, if you use the scientific Astrology tools, they are so accurate. I know when things will happen, what day and week. Tarot cards are great and bad, they can be confused. With two tools, i know exactly when things will happen. For these reasons, I always get the magician cards, and the major arcana cards. Since Saturn is at 2 Sag.

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I searched what have you written about this decan. You use the Chaldean system, Can u pls. How do we get Mercury — Moon — Saturn — as decan ruler?? However, this horoscope will take time for me to understand. After 1 and a half years of communication and interaction I finally was ready to let him close.

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I told him that and he assured his intensions were honest. I fell in love only to get rejected 3 months later. He ended it with just a phone call. I know I should forget him as he didn't respect me, but my heart wont stay silent. Waiting your honest feedback! With regards, Alexandra. Dear Astrology Room. He is currently feeling very low in mood so I'm giving him some space!

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Dear Astrology Room I have a burning question I would like to ask. Dear Astrology Room My birth date is 7th March Read more: Dealing with the death of an ex. More Articles Does he think about me? I love her - will she ever love me? Will I find love? Should I stay with my childhood sweetheart? Terms and Conditions If your question is answered by one of our team it will appear publicly on www.

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